"5 stars yoga teacher bringing good energy and vibes on the mat, and outside”

-Robin Robles 

Latest 200 hour training. Highly recommended approach to movement for all disciplines of yoga, movement and energy workers. Click to see their site

Latest 200 hour training. Highly recommended approach to movement for all disciplines of yoga, movement and energy workers. Click to see their site

"Don't miss the chance to learn from a great yoga teacher. His knowledge and skills will inspire you and help you to improve your individual practice

-Elvira Prugger


Stefan has been teaching classes since 2013, but aspiring to yoga for life, and began practicing asana first in 2007.

Slow purposeful transitions with natural breathing create a deeply meditative state in his practice and teaching. He is mostly inspired by Yoga Synergy, but has practiced and taught hot yoga, Ashtanga and restorative and believes you can get the best of all of them in one practice.

Stefan will guide your body into new ways of accessing familiar asana with approaches to deep anatomical awareness.

Though he finds the spiritual aspect of yoga personally inviting, he believes you don't have to outwardly present any of this to have a profound experience.

We are all experiencing something close to divine which is the miracle of life. His classes focus on the asana, breath and mind, occasionally dashed with spiritual references as more instructional guidance than philosophic suggestion.

He introduces new poses through strategic sequencing, and there's always another variation perfect for your state. He can teach beginners and advanced students.

"through practice we observe external changes  then with enthusiasm and sincerity  a deep shift in perspective"

"through practice we observe external changes

then with enthusiasm and sincerity

a deep shift in perspective"

"shift is always actualising

consistent concentration

is realisation"


"wonderful and honest approach to Yoga & his students. He is caring so much - everyone in the studio feels comfortable with the practise. I will be always happy to join his classes again! Thank you a lot, Stef, wishing you the best on your path.

-Weronika Maria


Yoga is essentially a form of stress reduction by building awareness. Even on a very slight scale, if we are not keeping aware we can be moving towards the sympathetic nervous system (fight or flight mode) making our decisions for us.

It amazes me that ancient yogis and meditators were able to engineer the workings of the mind with their techniques. We are lucky to be able to have these in our lives and keep a sense of awareness and control to better nurture our own wellbeing.

Science is uncovering amazing things about mindfulness practices reducing the ageing process, and even reengineering DNA! It's no wonder large corporations and other savvy individuals are now turning to wellness programs to benefit their employees.


is a form of movement, breath and posture derived from Ashtanga Vinyasa and Iyengar yoga styles. It also has influences from far eastern yoga traditions such as Tai Chi and Qigong and western medical physiotherapy. The founders of the Yoga Synergy school are based in Sydney Australia, Simon Borg Olivier and Bianca Matchliss are also fully qualified exercise based physiotherapists as well as instructors of a combined 50+ years experience.

What makes the style of movement unique is that it incorporates musculoskeletal systems and physiology as a foundation of the teaching style. It is not Synergy’s intention to create a new yoga, or any other physical activity style for that matter, but simply to develop a system of movement which can be applied to various disciplines to improve overall health and longevity.

The classes work on a fundamental sequence which is systematically worked through. This style offers alternatives to make postures suitable for anybody (including those who practice full vinyasa), but it’s particularly beneficial to those who may otherwise have difficulty putting most of their body weight on the hands (as in a pushup for instance).

Each week will be a breakdown of a particular aspect of posture or set of asanas. For those with an already established yoga practice it will be beneficial to take a fresh approach on applied anatomy in the context of their posture and movement. For beginners its absolutely safe and effective way to increase energy instead of feeling tired or sore, and to improve flexibility without painful stretching.

Most importantly this practice leads to a very calm sense of well-being throughout and following the sessions. Aiming to establish a long running practice which is enjoyable and will lead to long term health for both physical and mental wellbeing.

It is particularly recommended for anybody who wishes to enhance their ability to gain energy from movement patterns of posture. Especially those who have attempted yoga classes in the past but fallen to the common misconception that the poses need to look particular way and ended up sore. 

You don’t need to be flexible or strong to get the benefit from these classes. If you have a physical or physiological ailment which you believe will prevent you from being able to participate then there is no need to worry. Due to the nature of the style being devised by physiotherapists as well as yoga teachers you will be guided in a way that will help to heal injuries and conditions that may otherwise prevent you from enjoying the practice and cultivating long term health.

"Yoga teaches us to cure what need not be endured and endure what cannot be cured

B.K.S. Iyengar