Functional Anatomy of Yoga course _______________________ 17 or 18 Nov - 1 + 15 Dec 2018

Functional Anatomy of Yoga course _______________________ 17 or 18 Nov - 1 + 15 Dec 2018

Saturdays 17/11/2018 13:00-16:00, 01/12/2018 13:00-16:00 & 15/12/2018 13:00-16:00

Defining the 9 major joint complexes & bandhas. Clarifying the natural purpose of joint actions & possibilities

Physiological body in the context of asana. Benefits beyond the physical. Improving circulation without raising the heart rate.

Practicing in a way that builds upon the foundations to create a sense of harmony and connection whilst freeing yourself from challenging practice

Handstand workshop - Sunday 24th June 2018, Chorlton - 13:30-15:30


You too can stand on your hands

... with a little know-how and plenty of persistence

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Following on from hugely successful yoga Manchester handstand workshop in Withington this March, Stef will hold another group working on Handstands in one yoga studio Chorlton next month.

This workshop is intended for those who are looking to overcome obstacles be they fears, doubts or simply looking to refine technique and join together in a positive and motivational practice atmosphere.

So whether you're a part-time Yogi, CrossFit Trainer, former gymnast or just love being upside down, let's take this chance to get together and turn our practice upside down and any fears or doubts inside out!

No experience necessary. Equipment provided.

Please leave at least 2 hours after taking a light meal.

Please inform of any injuries before we begin. Parking available.

£15 adult

£10 concession / teacher's price

You can use two of your class pass credits or email for questions and other payment methods

Thanks so much! 

Namaste (on them hands)


Communicating Yoga - bringing yoga into the collective conscious

Communicating Yoga - bringing yoga into the collective conscious

yoga, pranayama & meditation workshop
Sat 21st Jan ‘17 15:00-16:30 @oneyogastudio Chorlton, Manchester
Deepen listening inward and outwardly

Restorative yoga pranayama & Dyad meditations. Djongzen practices holding group space for meditation, including beginners too; clearing social barriers allowing us to explore the depths of being our authentic selves

your yoga evolution retreat



Following through an evolving program of yoga sessions expand awareness and joyfulness found through practice. As yogas we practice tradition, here in this Mayan land honour the local beliefs while discovering reason and techniques for deeper self understanding