workplace wellness

Growing numbers of organisations and institutions recognise the many incentives to invest in employee health
We bring fully qualified and insured instructors to your place of work, at your convenience

Yoga or meditation classes of 45 or 60 minutes duration available morning, pre-lunch or evening. From £7 per person in Greater Manchester


Absolute beginners can experiEnce the benefits

WORKPLACE yoga / meditation Pricing

45 min per person - £7 - minimum group rate £35

60 min per person - £9 - minimum group rate £45

These costs are for micro companies and SME's, corporate prices are a flat fee of £100 per individual session with group block booking savings available under contract.
Please get in touch for full info on our price packages, thank you. 


Current situation

Identifying a time slot suitable for practice will come from what you want achieve from offering workplace yoga. Multiple classes a week are encouraged in a time most suitable for best results. For instance morning / lunchtime classes can focus on energising for the day ahead & evening sessions help staff unwind, leaving work more content




We recommend a spacious private space, enough for roughly 1x3 square metres per student, with a controllable climate set to comfortable room temperature. Mats can be provided and people are encouraged to bring their own. Appropriate clothing for yoga is light and stretchy and at least an hour and a half should pass after meals




Our programs can be booked any time of the day to suit you. We choose the appropriate program for you which always focusses on releasing tension acquired in repetitive working positions, (often lower back/shoulders), helping to improve posture, mental and physcial balance and mobilising and protecting carpel tunnel and wrists to alleviate extensive keyboard and mouse use




Commitment from Staff

If the program initiated by management rather than staff we encourage a consultation before commencing classes. This is important to both assure staff that their health is the main concern and that attendance is voluntary. It will also ensure those who participate will be more likely to feel appropriately benefitted, also that the appropriate practice space/facilities can be agreed upon






Upon commencing the program we provide the option for a brief review/ feedback process to track benefit to staff during the program. This would be voluntary but can come with an incentive in the form of a free class/ certificate at end of the course. This can be as extensively covered at the choosing of both staff and employer and can be complementary to or in addition to any current HR staff engagement program. It is recommended as a way to highlight how the benefits of the program are being felt over the course of the investment. Talk to us about this option when booking


Health and Safety All our teachers are fully qualified, insured and police checked and a full risk assessment can be provided on request. We require all participants, or their legal guardian to sign a disclaimer. For more details about our Corporate Yoga Classes, contact us today