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  • Yoga Sutras in Practice @inboundyoga, Mexico

    Yoga Sutras in Practice @inboundyoga, Mexico

    There is so much knowledge that can be learnt very simply with the right tools. If you love yoga and want to expand your outer practice and inner knowledge, you will not want to miss experiencing these rich and informative teachings. Free places available!

  • Happier on the hands

    Happier on the hands

    Intermediate hand balances and funky flowsStep up to foundations for healthier levitationsDiscover through asana, handy techniques… to make your hands your feet 

  • Communicating Yoga – bringing yoga into the collective conscious

    Communicating Yoga – bringing yoga into the collective conscious

    yoga, pranayama & meditation workshop Sat 21st Jan ‘17 15:00-16:30 @oneyogastudio Chorlton, ManchesterDeepen listening inward and outwardlyRestorative yoga pranayama & Dyad meditations. Djongzen practices holding group space for meditation, including beginners too; clearing social barriers allowing us to explore the depths of being our authentic selves

  • Norway – Dec’ 2016

    Norway – Dec’ 2016

    Norway announcements:Breath = ResetPranayama in motion workshop – 10th & 11th December 2016Liquid flow power vinyasaFour hour long sessions between Thurs 8th & Tues 13th December

  • Yoga Sutras – Understanding freedom, the state of kaivalya

    Yoga Sutras – Understanding freedom, the state of kaivalya

    “Along with detachment from the intellect comes the dissolution of any sense of agency, the illusion that we are the doer. There follows the destruction of the seeds of future karma and rebirth. From this destruction of all shackles and bonds arises the state of cosmic consciousness or kaivalya. “ Ashtanga Yoga Practice and Philosophy,…

  • Moon Yoga Workshop – InLight Lagos, Portugal

    Moon Yoga Workshop – InLight Lagos, Portugal

    On Friday 16th September the moon will be in lunar eclipseWith peaceful balancing asana, pranayama and meditation feel grounded and supported in this 90 minute yoga experience

  • your yoga evolution retreat

    TWO PROGRESSIVE YOGA SESSIONS & ONE MEDITATIVE PRACTICE DAILY INSIGHTS TO WIDEN AND INTEGRATE YOGA KNOWLEDGE INTO LIFEFollowing through an evolving program of yoga sessions expand awareness and joyfulness found through practice. As yogas we practice tradition, here in this Mayan land honour the local beliefs while discovering reason and techniques for deeper self understanding