Ether (Copy)


Yoga Synergy Classic – Ether

Guided Hatha Vinyasa of sequence designed for the Late Spring/Early Summer season

by Simon Borg Olivier and Bianca Machliss

🕒 76 minutes practice time

Recorded: 2020/05/21

Attention on releasing the jaw and neck Philosophy of subtle awareness with sanskrit translation interpretation of Chris Hareesh Wallis

Cause no discomfort in your practice, stretch less for best results. Ensure you’re fit to practice if in any doubt check with me via email

CAUTION: in this video headstand (51 mins in) is offered but not advised to anyone that hasn’t learnt supervised from an experienced teacher. Instead work on handstand and or rest on the back with the legs elevated. Do not jump or use momentum in any yoga practice

🕒 73 minutes practice time

Recorded: 2020/05/05

Intermediate level, expect to practice easily if you have experienced a few years practice of a vinyasa style with no withstanding problems. Skipping side angle poses Eagle FLOW focus.

Pincha, Janusirsasana, Bow, Bhimies, Short Savasana

Cause no discomfort in your practice, stretch less for best results. Ensure you’re fit to practice if in any doubt check with me via email

🕒 60 minutes practice time

Recorded: 2020/05/05

Warms ups for releasing tight calves. Breaking down some key plank techniques and scapula rolls where the arms are still in a kneeling plank and the body lifts and lowers in a circular motion. Twisted Utkatasana Transition, Handstand press (or practice pressing in forward fold) Vira Marichyasana, Shalabhasana twists & Bhimies. Short Savasana. *Handstand optional, Beginners be cautious.

Ensure you’re fit to practice if in any doubt check with me via email

🕒 63 minutes practice time

Recorded: 2020/05/01

Throat lock intro Jalandhara Bandha – Deep neck flexor for neck flexed reading/mobile device counter pose
4 minute meditation Parshva Bhujangasana (ITB opener)

Headstand options – Please do not jump into headstand, work with the options provided and do not attempt to lift the feet without having been observed and approved to by an experienced and qualified teacher

🕒 71 minutes practice time

Recorded: 2020/04/25

2 minute intro talk on sound and sense withdrawal interpreted as stretching less. There is a portion of the sequence in the middle with clicking sounds in place of words. This features as a teaching method in Synergy. There are hand gestures at this time to interpret visually. If you would like explanations of any please contact me directly. The emphasis towards experiencing wordless intuitive following.

Ensure you’re fit to practice if in any doubt check with me via email

FEATURED Advanced POSturES – EKA HASTA MAYURASANA x2 & Mayurasana – Alternatives offered

On watching these videos I warrant that:

  • I am fit and healthy to practice yoga and if this changes will communicate with Stefan any concerns about physical/physiological/psychological condition if and as and when any arise.

  • I have consulted with a trained medical professional if unsure about my capacity to practice yoga.

  • I will practice to the extent where I feel able to access completely relaxed natural breathing (unless directly instructed otherwise) in every exercise and feel no physical discomfort.

  • I will move slowly & actively without momentum (ie jumping into poses unless directly instructed).

  • I will restrain from throwing or pulling limbs beyond their unassisted range of motion or forcing them with body weight.

  • I am responsible for ensuring my own safety by avoiding anything that feels unstable or imbalanced during practice.

  • The body is extremely complex and repetitive strain may occur if technique around one of the major joints is practiced insufficiently. I will learn to discern differences between muscular work & joint/tendon/ligament support. I will build understanding by feeling joints are not sore during or after practice (muscular soreness is not ideal also however repairs much quicker). A clearer view is, if the discomfort builds progressively and takes longer than a few days to pass, it’s likely joint related. If I am in any doubts I will immediately cease the element of practice that triggers discomfort and contact Stefan.



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