Levenshulme yoga synergy / gentle emphasis | flowing movements \ perfect for beginners

class is also available online ➡️

18:15 – 19:30 Thursday

Saturday classes off for now

Suitable to beginners and those looking to develop their yoga practice beyond the simple cues commonly offered in generic yoga classes. It’s available to absolute beginners (in fact it’s an advantage to be a beginner). The emphasis is not on shapes or flexibility but cultivating and understanding of sensations in the body, starting from inside out.

Simple concepts of movement and yoga will allow you to experience the joy of “aha” moments that is self discovery of our previously unrealised capabilities in life.

Stef teaches to every person no matter their experience.

mix of traditional yoga postures adapted for the modern body

bears a passing resemblance to qigong/pilates becoming a real moving meditation while supporting muscles and joints for any body.

This style is called Yoga Synergy and has amazed Stef by the dramatic changes it’s highlighted in his yoga practice in only 6 months after having formerly concentrated on Hot Barkan Hatha yoga & Ashtanga for 12 years prior. It is described as classical yoga adapted for the modern body and picks up where a lot of yoga leaves off, giving a clear awareness of progression and much reduced risk of injury and even discomfort in life.

Mats provided, wear or stretchy clothing that can move, inform beforehand of any injuries and enjoy!

With this style you can get flexible without stretching, strong without feeling tense, and it also is massively effective to bring about a state of calm reducing impulsive tendencies. This style is more consciously embedded in maintaining a relaxed nervous system whilst performing highly effective physical exercise and gleaning benefits for the immune and reproductive systems. You will certainly leave these classes feeling more energised than ever before.

Stef hosts workshops and trains new teachers for Yoga Alliance courses and has studied for over 1000 hours with leading senior yoga teachers such as Yoga Synergy coFounder and Director, Simon Borg Olivier MScBAppSc(Physiotherapy), Lesley Kaminoff (author of best selling Yoga Anatomy). Stef also had the privilege of sitting with the Dalai Lama on teachings in Dharamshala, India, and attending Sri Mooji’s sangha in mount Sahaja.

blacklogo yogastef mudra

1 class drop-in

Drop in £10.50 (£10 cash or bacs) Drop in unwaged/state pension £6.00 (pay cash or arrange bacs)



10 class pass

(£75 cash or bank transfer) £79.50 Paypal


yogaStef class passes
Drop in £10.50 (£10 cash or bacs)
Drop in unwaged/state pension £6.00
10 online pass (£65 cash or bank transfer) £79.50 Paypal
2 weeks unlimited (new students 20 cash or bacs) £22.00 Paypal
Passes accepted for Online & Live Classes

Practice time around 70 minutes including warm up and down.

Levenshulme Old Library,

Cromwell Grove, Levenshulme,

Manchester, M19 3QE.

5x classes £40

10x classes £75

Drop in with cash welcome too for only £10 (£6 concession)



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