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Lovely to see you on the mat

Now you’ve paid using Paypal I should let you know that the address you have registered with them is visible to yogastef

To comply with GDPR law we must inform you there is no intention of selling your personal information to pirates of the bearded or mysterious boogieman varieties. 

Your personal information is secured by 2 factor authenticated passwords which renew every 30 seconds and the authentication is available to only me via my smartphone and fingerprint/pin locked.


If you would like me to destroy this email and your data you need only ask, but I will simply hit the delete button as opposed to some dramatic explosive style of destruction and may have been implied with such epic descriptive words.


On a lighter note, please can I stay in touch with you via email and potentially use your email to share events via the medium of electronic post and google/facebook ads and their 3rd parties?

This would mean you get very occasional and inspiring yogic ads instead of drab commercial ones, highly recommended!


Many thanks again, please contact me at any point if you would like more info or have questions about yoga in general.

I look forward to connecting again the future.

Full Privacy Policy

Yogastef collects and holds your email address and name associated with that account.

This information is kept in the cloud on a server secured by Google, is password protected and double secured with authenticator passwords which only Yogastef can directly access.

We collect your email address only with your consent opting in to subscribe to our email updates.

Your data will not be shared with anyone else or any other company or third party other than to display customised ads to you in the sidebar of your browser from time to time.

We will use your email address and we also collect cookies to keep you updated of important information about retreats you are booked onto, to help you stay aware of what we have coming in the future and to occasionally share with you our original content like health articles and instructional videos for you to enjoy healthy living even when you’re not with us.

This will occasionally include using very occasionally Facebook promotions and Google Adwords which will hopefully show up in the sidebars when you’re browsing. So less annoying, irrelevant ads and you’ll be treated to more inspirational wellbeing things.

We send newsletters very occasionally and nowhere near often enough to be annoying (not least because we’re in the business of helping you stay healthy and happy). But if for any reason you wish to opt out you can do so at any time by email request.

In which case we will delete your information fully.



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