Communicating Yoga – bringing yoga into the collective conscious

yoga, pranayama & meditation workshop
Sat 21st Jan ‘17 15:00-16:30 @oneyogastudio Chorlton, Manchester
Deepen listening inward and outwardly

Restorative yoga pranayama & Dyad meditations. Djongzen practices holding group space for meditation, including beginners too; clearing social barriers allowing us to explore the depths of being our authentic selves

Stefan Yogi Podolczuk blends hot Barkan Hatha and Ashtanga Vinyasa through the meditative inspiration of Vipassana. He has been teaching classes since 2013, but aspiring to yoga for life, and began practicing asana in 2007.

He has been published on the and teaches internationally and in Manchester, UK. He attended Satsang with Sri Mooji, at Mount Sahaja in Portugal, and attended HH the Dalai Llamas teachings on the Middle Way in September 2016, (it was a big month). 

His love in life is to share the journey of inner peace with all those around him, and he has the tools. Whether you are a teacher of yoga, experienced or new to meditation, the experience at this event will permeate your future lessons

£10 / £7.50 conc

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