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In the meantime while the edit is completed, check out these resources to give you some background on Simon’s amazing experience of yoga and life:

We talked about the nervous system touched briefly on Gabor Mate, trauma and Stephen Porges of the polyvagal theory and also started to speak on traditional understandings of holistic energy.

This podcast alludes to a crossover of yoga physical, energetic practice, and philosophies of duality and oneness.

Just breathe Podcast, comprehensive history of Simon

My article on Polyvagal theory & yoga

Valencia (psychedelics emphasis) with Cosmin Lancu

Simon starts with chemical balance & duality / feeling / experiencing interconnection

To have subconscious messages of safety and regeneration you have to create that environment within yourself

Reconciling dualities in the body

Default mode similar to psychedelics

DMT crystals, pineal gland has rods and cones, but why does a gland in the head have receptors of light? creating inner environments of various drugs using body chemistry

Sarah Vanis – Aligning health

physio study on core movement and bad back study from 80s

Australia zoom (don’t overtense emphasis)

On CO2 & Wim Hoff

The yoga conversations Haresh Punjabi

34:39 cancer cells grow very easily in the presence of high sugar low oxygen

36 cancer appears where blood flows least

47 5 principles of meditation

On c02 and Wim Hoff with practice

Steph Magenta

siddhayoga texts and kalari payat

“Any muscle you can’t relax is as useless as a muscle you can’t tense”



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