Functional Anatomy of Yoga course _______________________ 17 or 18 Nov – 1 + 15 Dec 2018

“physical yoga is the movement of prana (energy) and citta (information/consciousness) through nadis (channels) of the body”

Simon Borg Olivier

This 3 week course aims to simplify the 206 bones, 360 joints and more than 650 muscles in the body into 9 main joint complexes and their respective muscle groups. The course is jargonless and experiential and aims to give a simple toolbox of safe yet effective methods to enhance the student’s asana practice. Also to dispel a few myths and refresh that awe inspiring honeymoon period of yoga.

The course is aimed at teachers but will still benefit students looking to advance their yoga practice safely and effectively.

The course is not a boring lecture on names of muscles and joints which are irrelevant to the lay yoga student and very forgettable anyway. It is a simple and understandable allowing the student to practice safely with yoga sessions and techniques demonstrated and explored in depth. You will be able to embody the principles as we go along with loads of techniques to address why certain actions are effective and what is most useful to be feeling for in postures and vinyasa.

It will improve awareness to approaches of asana in general, which can also help to understand how to modify for those with injuries or other limitations.

Technical terms will be limited to joint actions (ie flexion/extension, rotation etc…) that will be helpful to break down what is happening in the body. There will be an online refresher resources booklet sent to you prior to the course as a primer. A limited language of anatomy will be for the most part related to commonly accepted and non scientific terms (ie upper arm, shoulder, hips, sitting bones, tail bone, pelvis etc)

Bandhas are classified as coactivation of opposing muscle groups. Yes, we will be able to give a clear coherent response to what bandhas are, and what they are good for, how to access and use them in both their expansive and compressive forms.

Commonly, modern yoga is practiced in a way designed for classical bodies (often male) and this course intends to universalise approaches for maximum physical and physiological benefits to the modern western body in all conditions.

The hope for this course is to communicate a method of practice which prevents further shocking statistics on the injury rate from asana of regular practitioners (and teachers). Secondly, the intention of this course is to improve numbers of new students returning for their second class.

Stefan has studied in person with Leslie Kaminoff, co-author of the best selling bible of the subject “Yoga Anatomy”. He is also currently studying with co-director of YogaSynergy Simon Borg Olivier MScBAppSc (Physiotherapy) from whom a great deal of incredible experience of yoga practice and philosophy will be shared. Stef has also studied with Stu Girling of Love yoga Anatomy as well as reading yoga anatomy tomes (numerous times) such as another classic “Anatomy of Hatha Yoga” by H. David Coulter.

He has been putting into practice this knowledge and seen DRAMATIC recent results after 12 years of personal practice seeing advancements in the asana, lack of injuries, as well as physiological and mental benefits from being exposed to the knowledge of these great aforementioned contemporary teachers.

Stefan has assisted on teacher trainings for the past two years leading anatomy segments of the courses and can be found teaching asana/pranayama in Manchester throughout the weeks.

He is extremely passionate about sharing this newfound, and lesser know approach which echos the Physiotherapy informed approach of YogaSynergy and Kaminoff’s take on ViniYoga.

Course overview:

Saturday 17/11/2018 OR Sunday 18/11/2018 13:00-16:00

Muscular skeletal

Defining the 9 major joint complexes & bandhas

Clarifying the natural purpose of joint actions & possibilities

Saturday 01/12/2018 13:00-16:00

Physiological & Prana

Advanced spinal control

Systems of the body in the context of asana

Benefits beyond the physical

Improving circulation without raising the heart rate

Saturday 15/12/2018 13:00-16:00


Practicing in a way that builds upon the foundations to create a sense of harmony and connection whilst freeing yourself from challenging practice

Number of sessions
1 Session Instructor £40.00 GBP
1 Session non-Instructor £50.00 GBP
2 Session Instructor £75.00 GBP
2 Session non-Instructor £95.00 GBP
3 Session Instructor £100.00 GBP
3 Session non-Instructor £125.00 GBP


Yoga Students £50 per session or £125 for all three

Yoga Instructors £40 per session or £100 for all three

An instructor is considered to be someone teaching yoga professionally at least twice a week.

Cash payment also accepted but please book a space ahead of time by email also alternately if you prefer to make a BACS payment:

Mr S Podolczuk


07 02 46



It is recommended to attend all three for maximum understanding, however if you are interested yet unavailable for one of the dates, message the organisers as soon as possible as we may still be able to book the venue for a catch up session if one or two can’t make it. If you wish to attend the 3rd session it’s a prerequisite you have attended the first two in preparation.

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