Anatomy of the Spine workshop – Cardiff

Workshop in which you will be led in detail the possibilities of movements for each joint complex and learn how to create bandha around each to effectively turn the yoga practice into pranayama and moving meditation and always gain rather than deplete energy, no matter if your favoured practice is athletic or restorative.

This workshop is accessible to all levels with plenty to take away from the experience at any stage in your yoga journey.

Yogastef Anatomy Poster colour May 19.pngYogastef Anatomy Poster colour May 19.png

We will mainly focus on using rotation of the limbs to create stability around all the joints making this practice suitable and safe or everybody as well as highly recommended for teachers of yoga, pilates, martial arts and anyone who wishes to/ or do practice exercise based physiotherapy.

Part 1
Looking at effect on the spine from the range of motion of the shoulders and neck

  • Using various whole upper body mudras and which asanas they form

  • Understanding of positioning and securing of the Amsa (shoulders) and Jalandhara (upper spine) bandhas in selected postures

  • How to effectively access the core throughout downdog, chaturanga and preparing for handstands & floating.

  • Suitable and useful alternatives to choose that also improve strength and mobility and give the therapeutic benefits of chaturanga dandasana vinyasa

Part 2
Our main emphasis will be standing postures in a way that creates effective movement of energy and information through the body

  • Our main anatomical focus will be the possibilities of balancing various bandhas around the lower body, leading to greater health and longevity

  • The interplay between feet (pada bandha) and ankles (kulpha bandha) helps us to fix low spinal alignment issues and to best protect while strengthening the knees (janu bandha)

  • With an understanding of this we can move with more control in the hips (kati bandha)

  • Demystifying mula bandha, the waist joint complex and accessing it’s stability through various postural positions (ie not just tightening the anus)

stef colva still warmup balance.pngstef colva still warmup balance.png

We will practice simultaneously three approaches; therapy, boga and yoga.
Addressing the fun challenging aspects of asana as well as therapeutic approach to the healthier approach.

The first is self explanatory, learning to practice and teach in a safe effective way for most people, whilst using practice to heal or make the body even more healthy and to avoid injury in the future. Everything we practice is subject to ahimsa (gentleness) and svadhaya (self inquiry).

Boga is commonly understood as yoga for sensory pleasure, and numerous people will be able to follow and practice in a way which leads to true yoga. A feeling of interconnectedness of the mind, through the body, union.

The structure is mostly physical practice based, try this, try that, what do you feel?
The emphasis is on pacing oneself, less stretch, less tense as we’re practicing for a longer period than perhaps normal.


The intention is that you will complete this workshop with a healthier stronger more flexible spine than ever!
Perhaps more importantly than this, understanding why and how to recreate this healthy condition each time you come to practice.
You will be taught a practical application to use of the bandhas in all 9 major joint complexes which ultimately lead to maha bandha and stirum sukham asanam (the classical texts describing a physical state ripe for expansive evolution)

There will be handouts for you to take home with reminders of everything we learnt on the day.

Please ask questions about availability/ content interest and suitability by email or phone 07449224244

Standard price £33.00 GBP
Concession/Teacher £27.00 GBP

check out the facebook event here for more info

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