20 July 2019 Synergy Workshop at Heaven on Earth the space

Very delighted and excited to offer you a chance to understand more about how to move the body effecting the positive flow of energy and loving information (consciousness / citta).

This workshop runs for about 90 minutes technique and 90 minutes yoga synergy fundamentals flow in which we will be encouraged to explore numerous muscular actions at once with gentleness as to stay the course and importantly not create unnecessary tension. 3 hours with this approach will fly by!

It’s suitable to absolutely everybody, the benefit of this approach is that the movement is more important than the destination (of which one, there isn’t). In a constantly changing life, we’re best honouring the changes and moving with them instead of trying to fight to some unknown future, making friends with now first, finding the acceptance of what is, is the route to a highly effective realisation of yoga.

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The approach to the physical yoga which does not overlook the vital methods to secure the hips and lower trunk (the base of physical expression of energy or muldhara: the root, and svadistana: seat of creative expression and centre of gravity) preferring to pull the navel into the spine and/or tighten the anus (which actually a terrible approach as it immobilises the spine and stimulates the fight and flight response, all but killing the meditative possibilities of a practice).

It’s good to point out that Synergy is an approach and not a style. You can come to benefit from these approaches devised by two yoga teachers and trained physiotherapists with a combined 50+years teaching experience.

It’s time and you deserve a thorough reasoning and understanding of how to incorporate the philosophy of yoga into movement.

Many people practice Haha yoga (like Ashtanga vinyasa) or Thatha yoga (like yin), but it’s important to understand that the effect is instantaneously blissful with the informed approach to movement that includes how to relax and exercise the body at the same time.

With this way of practice, the mind wanders less and you have a much reduced risk of injury or even muscular soreness afterwards and the next day.

Learning how to do this includes a sequence designed for the modern body (unlike classical yoga which is hastily adapted and inappropriate for most people) and understanding the nervous system carries us, remaining in a state of calm concentration while working the body. If you tension certain nerves in certain ways you can realise new depths to the calming benefits of a practice which mean healthier holistic all round inner connection.

£30 or £20 concessions

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