Handstand workshop 1-3pm

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If you’re not up in a handstand yet, learn the process and the tools you build confidence getting and staying upside down.

There are a few misunderstandings about what is required to handstand, arm strength being the first point or most. An unnecessary obstacle that can halt progress while there’s still more important things you can be working on.

Actually, so much strength isn’t required as learning where to position your body and how best to breathe for effortless and yogic handstanding.

What you WILL leave this session with is:
∞• a sense of progression

∞• stronger wrists and grip strength

∞• knowledge for how to progress in your home practice

∞• sense of playfulness and joy

The second half of this workshop will be aimed at techniques you can take away to work on press and show you the benefit of the process of working towards it.

There will be breathing techniques which are vital to maintaining the upside down position and overcoming doubts about staying up there!! There will be positioning of the spinal joints and shoulders and a little partner work to keep it fun and playful as well as a supportive atmosphere.

The is something for everyone at each stage of the journey.

£25 or early bird discount book before November for £5 off

Standard £25.00 GBP
Early Bird Oct £20.00 GBP
Concession £15.00 GBP

Heaven on Earth Yoga School

St. Vincent’s School House,

Greenside St, Manchester M11 2EX

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