September 2021 Updates

  • Holistic Liverpool Festival & Weekend Classes

This weekend I will be over in Liverpool for some of the holistic festivities and hope to see some of you there!

Class is 3pm Sunday 12th. Resultantly, I will not be teaching Friday 10th Sept, until next week, which brings me on to the next update:

  • Sanctuary of Peace : Gorton Monastery

A wonderful opportunity has opened up in this sacred place to work for the local community and provide projects for the public and trauma informed yoga considerations in an amazing co-creation alongside powerful healers from private clinical psychological backgrounds, public health services and embodied trauma release. More info to come soon but please check our open day at the beautiful space the 19th September.


  • Classes at BLOK

After 2 years at Blok I will be moving on. The style of movement meditation I am currently offering was not drawing enough students to the mat for the studio to be able to keep me on and not in alignment with their current style of offerings.

I’m grateful for having been given the opportunity to serve and train at such a beautiful studio, and I’m grateful for the insights I gleaned from my peers there.

I’ll be focussing in on more specialised projects now and in the future such as YTT 200 offering, psycho philosophy of Patañjali’s sutras & divine masculine work and archetypes.

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