Self love power

My journey has taken me through a few circles and here I go again on another dip.

For the last two and a bit years I’ve been focussing on functional movements and a mentality of less tense less stretch inspired by my teacher Simon.

That said, life has taught me a few of my own lessons and I’m incorporating all the lessons into my unique lifestyle.

Im nearly 35 and still want to have the ability to move in peaceful practice but some of the exercises I like to occasionally do are potentially dangerous. Namely, acroyoga and ecstatic dance. Don’t get me wrong, these aren’t exactly Thai boxing level intensity, but still they can mean your body is chucked about in unexpected ways.

My belief over the last few years was that strong slow movement is THE answer. Every couple of years I learn, again, that there is no THE answer but changing conditions and the response is one to be conscious of to move with the natural flow of things.

Though we deem this world of stress and over working as unnatural from our ivory spiritual bubbles and try to close our eyes and ears to material progress, we cannot for long ignore it.

People are driven by their careers and the life they’ve always known.

Not everyone is destined for burnout and the wonderful enlightening revelations thereafter many lives reveal.

Instead, many will knuckle down and power through. Therefore, perhaps our mind and therefore energy body could reflect that?

For my situation, I want material resilience in my tissues to enjoy this physical life, not for attachment, but for practicality. This isn’t unspiritual, quite the contrary, thie spirit of Yours likely decided to embody the flesh, and for what? To escape it? Or to be in and with it?

You are the meeting of the impossible and the possible. Flesh and sublime. Transcend the mundane by remembering and realising the cosmic nature of you, being this infinitesimal series of metabolic explosions of energy. Cells are mind-blowingly reproducing billions of times each moment within you.

So you can sit and be with that.

But let’s be honest, most of us aren’t ready for that.

I sit and meditate every day so you don’t have to. Come and move, be a little bit reckless if you must but join me in this new chapter of working to your own casual strength capabilities.

Less stretch.

More strength, but Your strength.

No one else’s reps, no one else’s heart rate, just yours.

Get it pumping only so long as you can remember you’re doing it to protect and love yourself. And if you’re just starting this journey, make your walk, your yoga practice, your PT session, your procrastination in the name of self love.

I can’t teach you this, only You can find it for yourself, but I’ve great techniques.

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