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  • Polyvagal theory & yoga practice

    Polyvagal theory & yoga practice

    What is the vagus nerve and how does it apply to everyday life and feature in yoga / mindful awareness practice?10 minute read

  • Self love power

    My journey has taken me through a few circles and here I go again on another dip. For the last two and a bit years I’ve been focussing on functional movements and a mentality of less tense less stretch inspired by my teacher Simon. That said, life has taught me a few of my own…

  • Handstands for all! Yoga-Manchester workshop 24 Mar 2018

    Handstands for all! Yoga-Manchester workshop 24 Mar 2018

    Handstands For Everyone – a 2 hour workshop with Stefan Podolczuk 24 Mar 2018 Withington Methodist Church, Wilmslowhandstand practice is open to everyone and most fun for beginners

  • Brainfulness, a mindful translation

    Brainfulness, a mindful translation

    How does the idea of a full brain sound? Not particularly meditative perhaps… As the term mindfulness is sounding more commonly and rousing interests amongst beginners and right through experienced meditators, the term itself isn’t always seen as entirely helpful to inspire the method and effects the practice can bring. It is a practice most famously…